The Specification of the Town Hall Organ

Leeds, England

Organ History
1859Built by Gray & Davison
1898Restored by Abbott & Smith
Information Sources
Herbert Westerby - “The Complete Organ Recitalist”, 1927.
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, 1912.
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, George Mate & Son, 1921.
Hopkins & Rimbault - “The Organ: Its History and Construction - A Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ”, 1877.

I. Choir (CC-c4 61 notes)
1.Sub-dulciana16'(61 pipes)
2.Open Diapason8'(61 pipes)
3.Rohrflote8'metal. (49 pipes)
4.Stopped Diapason, Bass8'wood. (12 pipes)
5.Salicional8'(61 pipes)
6.Viol di Gamba8'(49 pipes)
7.Octave4'(61 pipes)
8.Suabe Flute4'(49 pipes)
9.Flute Harmonic4'(49 pipes)
10.Twelfth2 2/3'(61 pipes)
11.Fifteenth2'(61 pipes)
12.Ottavina2'wood. (61 pipes)
13.Dulciana MixtureV(305 pipes)
14.Euphone16'(61 pipes)
15.Trumpet8'(61 pipes)
16.Clarion4'(61 pipes)
iEcho to Choir  
II. Swell (CC-c4 61 notes)
17.Bourdon16'(61 pipes)
18.Open Diapason8'(61 pipes)
19.Stopped Diapason8'(49 pipes)
20.Stopped Diapason8'(12 pipes)
21.Keraulophon8'(49 pipes)
22.Harmonic Flute8'(49 pipes)
23.Octave4'(61 pipes)
24.Gemshorn4'(61 pipes)
25.Wood Flute4'(61 pipes)
26.Twelfth2 2/3'(61 pipes)
27.Fifteenth2'(61 pipes)
28.Piccolo2'(61 pipes)
29.SesquialteraIV(244 pipes)
30.MixtureIII (1')(183 pipes)
31.Contra Fagotto16'(61 pipes)
32.Trumpet8'(61 pipes)
33.Cornopean8'(61 pipes)
34.Oboe8'(61 pipes)
35.Vox Humana8'(61 pipes)
36.Clarion4'(61 pipes)
III. Great (CC-c4 61 notes)
38.Double Diapason, open16'metal. (61 pipes)
39.Open Diapason8'(61 pipes)
40.Spitz Gamba8'(61 pipes)
41.Stopped Diapason8'(61 pipes)
42.Octave4'(61 pipes)
43.Wald Flute4'(61 pipes)
44.Twelfth2 2/3'(61 pipes)
45.Fifteenth2'(61 pipes)
46.Quint MixtureIV(244 pipes)
47.Tierce MixtureV(305 pipes)
48.Trumpet8'(61 pipes)
49.Clarion4'(61 pipes)
iiSolo to Great  
iiiSwell to Great Super-octave  
ivSwell to Great Unison  
vSwell to Great Sub-octave  
viSwell to Choir  
viiChoir to Great Unison  
50.Bourdon16'(61 pipes)
51.Flute à Pavillon8'(61 pipes)
52.Viola8'(61 pipes)
53.Flute Harmonic8'(61 pipes)
54.Quint5 1/3'(61 pipes)
55.Octave4'(61 pipes)
56.Flute Octaviante4'(61 pipes)
57.Piccolo Harmonic2'(61 pipes)
58.CymbalIII(183 pipes)
59.FurnitureIV(244 pipes)
60.Contra Trombone16'(61 pipes)
61.Trombone8'(61 pipes)
62.Trumpet Harmonic8'(61 pipes)
63.Tenor Trombone4'(61 pipes)
IV. Solo (CC-c4 61 notes)
64.Bourdon8'(61 pipes)
65.Concert Flute, Harmonic8'(49 pipes)
66.Piccolo, Harmonic4'(49 pipes)
67.Ottavina, Harmonic2'(61 pipes)
68.Clarinet8'(61 pipes)
69.Oboe8'(49 pipes)
70.Cor Anglais and Bassoon8'(61 pipes)
71.Tromba8'(61 pipes)
72.Ophicleide8'(81 pipes)
viiiGreat to Solo  
ixSolo Super-octave  
xSolo Sub-octave  
xiEcho to Solo  
Echo (CC-c4 61 notes)
73.Bourdon16'wood. (49 pipes)
74.Dulciana8'metal. (49 pipes)
75.Lieblich Gedact8'wood. (61 pipes)
76.Flute Traverso4'wood. (61 pipes)
77.Flute d’Amour4'metal. (61 pipes)
78.Dulciana MixtureIVmetal. (244 pipes)
Pedal (CCC-f 30 notes)
81.Sub-bass, open32'metal. (30 pipes)
82.Contra Bourdon32'wood. (30 pipes)
83.Open Diapason16'metal. (30 pipes)
84.Open Diapason16'wood. (30 pipes)
85.Violon16'wood. (30 pipes)
86.Bourdon16'wood. (30 pipes)
87.Quint, open10 2/3'wood. (30 pipes)
88.Octave8'(30 pipes)
89.Violoncello8'(30 pipes)
90.Twelfth5 1/3'(30 pipes)
91.Fifteenth4'(30 pipes)
92.MixtureV(150 pipes)
93.Contra Bombard32'(30 pipes)
94.Bombard16'(30 pipes)
95.Fagotto16'(30 pipes)
96.Clarion8'(30 pipes)
xiiSwell to Pedal  
xiiiChoir to Pedal  
xivGreat to Pedal  
xvSolo to Pedal  

List of Organists
1898-1917Dr Herbert A. Fricker (1868-1943)

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