The Specification of the St. Thomas' Cathedral Organ

Portsmouth, England

Organ History
 Built by Smith
1885Restored by Hunter, London
1920Rebuilt by Ivimey, Southampton
Information Sources
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, George Mate & Son, 1921.
Frank W. Haycraft - ”Organs of Portsmouth, Southsea & District”, R. Allen, 1932.


List of Organists
1539Thomas Fountayne
1740-1797Moses Hawker junior (-1797)
1842-1853Henry Albert Lambeth (1822-1895)
c1869-c1880A. Godwin Fowles (1840-1906)
1925-1931Hugh A. Burry (1871-1939)
1931-1944Thomas Newboult (1889-1956)
1945-1959John Davison (1898-1972)
1977-1990Anthony Froggatt (1946-)

List of Assistant Organists
1963-1978Hugh Davis (1916-2010)
1999-2005Rosemary Field
2012-Oliver Hancock

List of Organ Scholars
1999-2000James Davy
2001-2002Edward Taylor
2012-David Harris

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