The Specification of the Cathedral Organ

Seville, Spain

Information Source
Hopkins & Rimbault - “The Organ: Its History and Construction - A Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ”, 1877.

I. (Tracker - CC-g3 56 notes)
1.Flauto de 26 Double Diapason
2.Flauto de 26 Double Diapason
3.Flauto de 26 Double Diapason
4.Violon de 26 Gamba Major, or Doubla Gamba
5.Violon de 26 Gamba Major, or Doubla Gamba
6.Tolosana de 26 Double stop ; probably either invented or first made at Toulouse, and hence named after that place
7.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
8.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
9.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
10.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
11.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
12.Tapadillo Stopped Diapason
13.Tapadillo Stopped Diapason
14.Tapadillo Stopped Diapason
15.Flauta de 13 Unison Flute
16.Flauta de 13 Unison Flute
17.Flauta de 13 Unison Flute
18.Flauta Traversa German Flute
19.Violon de 13 Gamba
20.Violon de 13 Gamba
21.Violon de 13 Gamba
22.Tolosana Unison stop
23.Docena de 26 Twelfth to the 26-feet stops. Fifth to the 13-feet stops. Quint
24.Octava Octave or Principal
25.Octava Principal
26.Octava Principal
27.Docen y 26° Twelfth and 26th (Octave Larigot)
28.Quincena Fifteenth
29.Lleno 1° First Mixture
30.Lleno 1° First Mixture
31.Lleno 2° Second Mixture
32.Lleno 2° Second Mixture
33.Lleno Mixture
34.Corneta Cornet
35.Corneta Cornet
36.Trompa de 52 Double Double Trumpet
37.Trompa de 26 Double Trumpet
38.Trompa de 26 Double Trumpet
39.Trompa Real Royal or Grand Trumpet
40.Trompa Real Royal or Grand Trumpet
41.Trompa Real Royal or Grand Trumpet
42.Trompa Real Royal or Grand Trumpet
43.Trompa de Batalla Battle Trumpet
44.Trompa Magna Great Trumpet
45.Trompa 8 Octave Trumpet, probably
46.Oboe Hautboy
47.Fagot Bassoon
48.Cremona Cremona
49.Vox de 13 Vox Humana
53.Clarin Real Royal or Grand Clarion
54.Clarin Real Royal or Grand Clarion
55.Clarin Real Royal or Grand Clarion
56.Clarin de Batalla Battle Clarion
57.Clarin de Batalla Battle Clarion
58.Clarin Claro Clear Clarion
59.Clarin en 15 Octave Clarion
60.Clarin en 15 Octave Clarion
61.Clarin en 15 Octave Clarion
62.Orlo Orlo, shawn ; “Cink” of Dutch and “Zincke” of German organs. The original instrument exists only in the German saying : “In heaven the angels only play fiddles and shawms.”
II. (Tracker - CC-g3 56 notes)
63.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
64.Tapadillo Stopped Diapason
65.Flauta Traverso German Flute
66.Flauta Flute
67.Corneta Cornet
68.Trumps Real Grand Trumpet
69.Trompa Magna Great Trumpet
70.Trompa Bastarda “Bastarda,” a piece of ordnance. [Trumpet. Bombarde or Great Reed. Probably a Double
71.Vox Contralto Contralto Voice
72.Oboe Hautboy
73.Fagot Bassoon
74.Clarin Sordina Soft Clarion
III. (Tracker - CC-g3 56 notes)
75.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
76.Tapadillo Stopped Diapason
77.Violon do 13 Gamba
78.Tolosana Unison stop
79.Flauto Traverso German Flute
80.Flauto do 13e 8va Flute, of Octave as well as Unison pitch
81.Docena Twelfth
82.Quincena Fifteenth
83.Lleno Mixture
84.Corneta Cornet
85.Trompa Real Royal Trumpet
86.Trompa Magna Great Trumpet
87.Vox de 13 Vox Humana
88.Vox Contralto Contralto Voice
Pedal (Tracker13 notes)
89.Trompa de 26 Trumpet of 26
90.Trompa de 26 Trumpet of 26
91.Trumpa de 15 Trumpet of 13
92.Trompa de Octave Octave Trumpet (6 1/2)
93.Trompa de 15 Twelfth Trumpet (4 1/3)
94.Trompa en 15 Fifteenth Trumpet (3 1/4)
95.Trompa en 17 Tierce Trumpet

Information Source
Hopkins & Rimbault - “The Organ: Its History and Construction - A Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ”, 1877.

Manuals (Tracker - AA-c4)
1.Violata Small Viol, or Gambotto
2.Baxuncillo Open Diapason
3.Trumpets do Batalla Battle Trumpet
5.Orlo Cink. A small Reed
6.Clarin en 22a Super-octave Clarion
7.Clarin en 15a Octave Clarion
8.Clarin Claro Clear Clarion
9.Clarin de Campana Hunting Horn
10.Chirimia Clarion
11.Viulata Suave Soft Viola
12.Baxoncillo Open Diapason
13.Trompeta en 15 Octave Clarion
14.Trompeta en 8 Clarion
15.Trompeta en 26 Double Trumpet
16.Mudo Mute. Wind-valve ?
17.Nasardo Twelfth
18.Cornets do 26 26 Double Reed
19.Octava do Nasardo Nineteenth, or Larigot
20.Quincona Tapada Stopped Fifteenth. Stopped Piccolo
21.Octava Tapada Stopped Octave. Stopped Flute
22.Violon de 13 Gamba
23.Lleno de 8 Mixture
24.Diezmonovona Nineteenth, or Larigot
25.Quincena Fifteenth
26.Docona Twelfth
27.Octava Octave, or Principal
28.Flauta do 13 Unison Flute
29.Flautada de 13 Large Unison Flute
30.Flautada de 26 Double Dispason
32.Contra Baxo Double Bass
33.Clarin en 15a Octave Clarion
34.Baxuncillo Open Diapason
35.Trompeta Real Grand Trompet
36.Trompeta Real Grand Trompet
37.Tolosana Unison stop
38.Lleno Mixture
39.Diezmonovona Nineteenth, or Larigot
40.Quincena Fifteenth
41.Docona Twelfth
42.Octava Octave
43.Flautada de 13 Large Unison Flute
44.Preparacion Preparation. Probably a wind-valve, or a bell to give notice to the blower
45.Trompa Trumpet
46.Serpenton Great Serpent. Double Reed
47.Vox Humana Vox Humana
48.Clarin en 15 Octave Clarion
49.Clarin de Sordino Soft Clarion
50.Clarinete Clarinet
51.Fagot Bassoon
52.Nasardo en 19a Twelfth and Larigot
53.Nasardo en 17a Twelfth and Tierce. Sesquialtera
54.Nasardo en 15a Twelfth and Fifteenth. Rausch-quint
55.Lleno Mixture
56.Diezmonovena Larigot
57.Quincena Fifteenth
58.Octava Principal
59.Violon de 13 Gamba
Pedal (Tracker)
60.Flautada de 26 Great Flute or Diapason
61.Contra de 26 Double
62.Contra de 8 Octave
63.Contra de 15 Double
64.Contra de 22 Double
65.Contra de 29 Double
66.Bombarda de 26 Great Reed
67.Bombarda de 13 Great Reed
68.Contra de Clarin Great Clarion

List of Organists
1832Don Miguel H. Eslava y Elizondo (1807-1878)
1919-Norberto Armándoz (1893-)
Buenaventura Iñíguez Tellechea (1840-1902)

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