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Details of St. Mary’s (Episcopal) Cathedral, Palmerston Place, Edinburgh, Scotland

(Palmerston Place, Edinburgh)

St. Mary’s (Episcopal), Edinburgh, Scotland

Building History
1879Became cathedral

Organ History
1879Built by Willis
1897Rebuilt with electric action by Hope Jones
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List of Organists
Derek Williams
1878-1929Thomas H. Collinson (1858-1928)
1929-57Robert Head (1893-1957)
1958-61Eric Parsons
1961-91Dennis Townhill (1925-2008)
1991-99Timothy Byram-Wigfield
1999-2005Mathew Owens
2005-07Simon Nieminski
2007-Ducan Ferguson

List of Assistant Organists
Nicholas Wearne
1882-83R. Machill Garth (1860-1899)
1885-89Clement R. Gale (1862-1934)
1890-G. F. Wesley-Martin (1861-1938)
1893-99Charles Macnaughton Cowe (1874-)
1927-28Reginald Shield (1906-1961)
1946-48Edward Francis Thomas (1929-)
1950-51James Lawrence Lockhart (1930-)
1965-66George Gray Hay (1946-)
1966-68Keith Charles Griffiths (1941-)
1977-2000Peter Blackhouse
1977-99Peter Backhouse
2005-07Ducan Ferguson
Joseph Beech (1994-)

List of Organ Scholars
1961-64George Gray Hay (1946-)
1966-67Nigel Cyril John Cook (1949-)

List of Other Organists
Ruaraidh Sutherland