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Details of University Methodist Temple, Seattle, Washington, USA

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List of Organists
1907-26Carl Paige Wood (1885-1947)
1927-30Montgomery Lynch (1879-1948)
1930-36Harold Heeremans (1900-1997)
1936-40Walter A. Eichinger (1909-1997)
1940-49Charles W. Lawrence (1891-1961)
1955-61Walter A. Eichinger (1909-1997)
1961-62Lawrence D. Fink (1912-1998)
1962-67Rodney Eichenberger (1948-)
1967-68Wallace J. Goleeke (1932-2011)
1968-69David E. Urness
1971-David di Fiore
1980-82Judith M. Kuhn

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