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Details of St. Barnabas’, Jericho, Oxford, England

(Cardigan Street)

Organ History
Martin & Coate
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, 1912.


List of Organists
1869-71E. B. Harding (1849-1921)
1871-72Arthur Henry Richards
1872-76J. Benton Tipton (1854-1902)
1876Edwin Edger Gubb (1856-1900)
1876-77William Hudson Morford (1850-1923)
1878-82Frederick Iliffe (1847-1928)
1883-86T. Morley (1845-1891)
1886-1903Alfred William Whitehead (1862-1903)
1904-16H. C. Warrilow (1873-1939)
1916-19Robert Richard Morris (1876-1944)
1919-25Mary Trevelyan (1897-1983)
1925-27Ernest Tarrant Allen (1897-1987)
1927-42Leslie Betteridge (1903-1998)
1942-46Joan Potter
1946-48R. H. Clifford-Smith (1903-1991)
1948-55Herbert George Horseman (1909-1978)
1955-2008Michael Broadway (1932-2008)
2009-14Daniel Chambers
2014-16Martin Payne
2016-Tom Edwards

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