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Details of St. Bride’s, City of London, London, England

(Fleet Street)

Organ History
Built by Renatus Harris
1886Rebuilt by Gray & Davison
1920Modernized by
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, 1912.
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, George Mate & Son, 1921.
Hopkins & Rimbault - “The Organ: Its History and Construction - A Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ”, 1877.


List of Organists
Matthew Morley
1696-1702Heny Lightindollar
1702-36John Weldon (1676-1736)
1736-82Samuel Howard (1710-1782)
1782-1821Richard Huddleston Potter
1821-54George Mather
1882-Ernest Kiver (1864-1945)
-1888D. John D. Codner (1851-1913)
1888-1907Edmund H. Turpin (1835-1907)
T. Westlake Morgan (1869-1937)
1909-52Herbert Townsend (1870-1952)
1952-65Gordon Reynolds (1921-1995)
1972-88Robert Langston
1988-Robert Harre-Jones

List of Assistant Organists
1880Herbert Hodge (1869-1947)
1957-59Alfred David Parkes (1937-)

List of Organ Scholars
Adrian Bawtree (1968-)

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