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Details of St. George’s (Hanover Square), St. George Street, Mayfair, Westminster, London, England

(St. George Street, Mayfair)

Organ History
1725Built by Gerard Smith
1761Built by Snetzler
1790Removed by
Hopkins & Rimbault - “The Organ: Its History and Construction - A Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ”, 1877.

Organ History
Built by Robert Hope-Jones

List of Organists
1725-37Thomas Roseingrave (1690-1766)
1737-86John Keeble (1711-1786)
Jacob Kirkman (1746-1812)
Charles Wesley (1757-1834)
1802-Charles Knyvett (1773-1852)
1826-George Charles Sale (1796-1869)
1861-75Charles S. Jekyll (1842-1914)
1876-1892William Pinney (1845-1906)
1892-Charles Edward Jolley (1859-1949)
1947-72Christopher John Morris (1922-2014)

List of Assistant Organists
Jonathan Martin (1715-1737)
H. A. Rooksby (1907-2001)
2001-Paul Ayres (1970-)