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Details of St. Thomas’ (Soho), Kingley Street, Westminster, London, England

(Kingley Street)

Archbishops Tenison’s Chapel, Westminster, London, England

Organ History
1856Built by Gray & Davison
The Musical Times 159

List of Organists
1884-Frank Adlam (1857-1929)
1900-15William C. Somerville (1876-1931)
Percy Baker (1880-1975)
1921-29R. H. Clifford-Smith (1903-1991)
1929William Harniman
Herbert Murrill (1909-1952)
1940-41Philip Harold Moore (1921-)
1949-50Howard Stephens (1921-)
1950-53John Anthony Birch (1929-2012)
1954-59John Lambert (1926-1995)