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Details of German Chapel (St. James), Westminster, London, England

Marlborough House Chapel, Westminster, London, England

Queen’s Chapel, Westminster, London, England


Organ History
1749Built by Snetzler
Moved from Buckingham Palace, The Mall, Pimlico, Westminster, London, England by
1863Enlarged by Hill
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List of Organists
1792-1829August F. K. Kollmann (1756-1829)
1829-45George August Kollmann (1789-1845)
1845-49Johanna Sophia Kollmann (1786-1849)
1849W. G. Cusins (1833-1893)
1849-1901OFriedrich Weber (1819-1909)
Carl Weber (1860-1938)
1909-19Stanley Roper (1878-1953)