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Details of St. Thomas-à-Beckett' Cathedral, Portsmouth, England

(High Street)

St. Thomas-à-Beckett (Parish Church), Portsmouth, England

Organ History
Built by Smith
1885Restored by Hunter of London
1920Rebuilt by Ivimey of Southampton
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, George Mate & Son, 1921.
Frank W. Haycraft - ”Organs of Portsmouth, Southsea & District”, R. Allen, 1932.


List of Organists
1539Thomas Fountayne
1740-97Moses Hawker (-1797)
1797-99John Webb (-1799)
1799-1807John Webb
1807-42Stephen Sibly (1766-1842)
1842-53Henry Albert Lambeth (1822-1895)
1853-a1859John Hiles (1810-1882)
c1869-c1880A. Godwin Fowles (1840-1906)
18887-92H. Harvey Pinches (1863-1949)
1892-98Samuel Round (1866-1898)
1898-1925Robert H. Turner (1859-1941)
1925-31Hugh A. Burry (1871-1939)
1931-44Thomas Newboult (1889-1956)
1945-59John Davison (1898-1972)
1959-64Maxwell Menzies (1912-)
1969-77Christopher Gower (1939-)
1977-90Anthony Froggatt (1946-)
1990-96Adrian Lucas (1962-)
1996-David Price (1969-)

List of Assistant Organists
1963-78Hugh Davis (1916-2010)
1965-68Peter Stevenson (1928-)
1978-99David Thorne (1951-)
1999-2005Rosemary Field
2005-11Marcus Wibberley (1981-)
2012-18Oliver Hancock
2018-Sachin Gunga

List of Organ Scholars
1999-2000James Davy
2000William Ings
2001-02Edward Taylor
2002-03Richard Hills
2003Christopher Eastwood
2008-09Max Puller
2009William Drakett
2010Kate Macpherson (1988-)
2011-12Nick Miller
2012David Harris
2013William Wallace
2014Callum Alger
2015Luke Fitzgerald
2016Rupert Jackson
2017Benjamin Banks
2018James Furniss-Roe
2019Samuel Jones

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