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Details of Cathedral, Wakefield, England

All Saints’ Parish Church, Wakefield, England

Building History
1888Became cathedral

Organ History
Built by Abbott & Smith
Herbert Westerby - “The Complete Organ Recitalist”, 1927.
“Dictionary of Organs and Organists”, George Mate & Son, 1921.


List of Organists
1821-John White (1779-1831)
-1886J. Emmerson (1839-)
1886-1930Joseph N. Hardy (1860-1939)
1930-45Newell S. Wallbank (1871-1945)
1946-70Percy Saunders (1902-)
1970-2010Jonathan Bielby (1944-)
2010-Thomas Moore

List of Assistant Organists
1893-94Thomas Haigh (1875-1927)
1896-1900Frederick Dunnill (1880-1936)
1906-14J. E. Gomersall (1889-)
T. Washington Metcalfe (1884-)
1914Cyril Hampshire (1900-1963)
R. M. Armitage (1898-1954)
1975-83Peter Gould (1952-)
1978-85John Scott (1956-2015)
1983-85Gareth Green
1985-91Keith Wright
1991-96Sean Farrell
1997-2002Louise Reid
2002-10Thomas Moore
2010Daniel Justin
2011-15Simon Earl
2015-17Sachin Gunga
2018-James Bowstead

List of Other Organists
Thomas Washington-Metcalfe (1884-)
1916-19Frank Ellison Jones (1884-)

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