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Details of St. Martin’s Cathedral, Leicester, England

St. Martin’s (Parish Church), Leicester, England

Building History
1927Became cathedral

Organ History
1774Built by Snetzler
1873Rebuilt by Walker
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List of Organists
1748Musgrave Heighington (1680-1774)
-1753Richard Hobbs
-1765William Boulton
1765-c1772Anthony Greatorex
1772-1800Martha Greatorex
1800-43Sarah Valentine (1771-1843)
1870-75John Morland
1875-1927Charles Hancock (1852-1927)
1927-30Gordon Slater (1896-1979)
1931-69George C. Gray (1897-1981)
1969-94Peter White (1937-2007)
1994-2010Jonathan Gregory

List of Assistant Organists
Frank Storer (1867-1940)
1910-12Frederick William Dickerson (1889-1966)
1918-32Dennis Arnold Smith (1901-1966)
1931-33Stanley Vann (1910-2010)
1933-38Thomas Bates Wilkinson (1912-)
1944-51Sidney Thomas Rudge (1918-1967)
1951-54Wallace Ross (1920-2010)
1955-65Sidney Thomas Rudge (1918-1967)
1965-73Robert Prime
1973-95Geoffrey Malcolm Herbert Carter (1943-)
1995-99David Cowen
1999-2018Simon Headley
2019-Rosie Vinter

List of Organ Scholars
2011-Christopher Ouvry-Johns