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Details of The Priory Church of St. Mary, Bridlington, England

Organ History
1889Built by Anncessens of Grammont, Belgium
Rebuilt by Abbott & Smith
Dictionary of Organs and Organists” - H. Logan & Co., 1912, Bournemouth
Dictionary of Organs and Organists” - George Mate & Son, 1921


List of Organists
George Fox
J. W. Wilson
1857-William Turner
Arthur Edgar Perry (1864-1925)
1889-94J. E. W. Lord (1864-1929)
1896-1901Arthur Charles Edwards (1869-1940)
1901-04George T. Pattman (1875-1961)
1905-10Bernard Johnson (1868-1935)
1909-14A. P. Stephenson (1867-1942)
1914-20Sydney H. F. Wéalé (1880-1943)
1947-50Eric John Fairclough (1900-1972)
1952-57M. J. Byers (1924-2011)
1957-77Raymond Sunderland (1921-1977)
1984-87G. Geoffrey Pearce
1987-Michael Smith

List of Assistant Organists
1958-60Mary June Eynstone (1935-)