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Details of St. Mary’s, Danzig, West Prussia, Prussia

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List of Organists
1608-25Andreas Hakenberger (1574-1627)
1623-66Paul Siefert (1586-1666)
c1637Andreas Neunhaber (1603-1663)
Ewald Hintz (1614-1668)
1668Thomas Strutius (-1678)
1687Johann Valentin Meder (1649-1719)
1724-30Daniel Magnus Gronau (1700-1747)
Christian Samuel Mohrheim (1718-1780)
1836-F. W. Markull (1816-1887)

List of Assistant Organists
1602-03Nicolaus Zangius (-1618)

List of Other Organists
1611Paul Siefert (1586-1666)

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