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Details of St. Patrick’s (Anglican) Cathedral, Armagh, Ireland

Organ History
1839Built by Walker
1854Moved to north transept and enlarged
1870Rebuilt by Walker
Dictionary of Organs and Organists” - George Mate & Son, 1921


List of Organists
Edward Hopkins
1634-42Richard Galway
1661-95John Hawkshaw
1695-Robert Hodge
1711-22William Toole
1722-52Samuel Bettridge
1752-58John Woffington (-1758)
1759-74Robert Barnes
1776-80Langrishe Doyle
1782-94Richard Langdon (1730-1803)
1794-97John Clarke (1770-1836)
1797-1816John Jones (1767-1820)
1816-23Frederick William Horncastle (1790-1850)
1823-72Robert Turle (1804-1877)
George Lee (1812-)
1872-1916T. Osborn Marks (1845-1916)
1916-20G. H. P. Hewson (1881-1972)
1920-35Edred Martin Chaundy (1871-1960)
1935-50Reginald H. West
1950-66Frederick G. Carter (1913-)
1966-68Christopher Phelps
1968-2002Martin J. White
2002-Theo Saunders (1957-2016)

List of Assistant Organists
Arthur Richardson (-1826)
1849David Lee (1837-1897)
1852-60James Christopher Marks (1835-1903)
1860-72T. Osborn Marks (1845-1916)

List of Other Organists
William Frederick Wood
1873-77William G. Wood (1859-1895)