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Details of St. Deiniol’s Cathedral, Bangor, Wales

Organ History
1873Built by Hill
1897Restored by Hill
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List of Organists
-1644Thomas Bolton (-1644)
1691-1705Thomas Roberts (1658-1705)
1713-21John Rathbone
1721-50Thomas Rathbone
1750-78Thomas Lloyd
1784-93Edmund Olive (-1824)
1895-97Vernon Oswald Wright (1878-)
1927-70Leslie Paul (1903-)
2009-14Graham Eccles
2014-Paul Booth

List of Assistant Organists
1889-1902Llewelyn Jones (1870-)
1892-94James Lyon (1872-1949)
J. Owen Jones (1876-1962)
1902-William Edward Jones (1867-)
I. Thomas (1883-1947)
1964-2007James Griffiths
1990-Martin Brown

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