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Details of St. Mary’s (Collegiate Church), Warwick, England

Organ History
1717Built by Thomas Schwarbrook
Hopkins & Rimbault - “The Organ: Its History and Construction - A Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ”, 1877.

List of Organists
1409William Witteney
1432John Soursby
1562-65John Skyrrowe
1565Richard Charpe
1719-44Thomas Dean
1744-73William Dean
1773-87Jonathan Hobbs
1787-1801Mary Hobbs
1802-33James Marshall
1833-35Edward Dearle (1806-1891)
1844-61William Clayton
1861-64W. Wyver
1864James Shaw (1842-1907)
1864-67Daniel Middleton (1841-1901)
1867-71Bernard Farebrother (1846-1888)
1871-74Edwin Aspa (1835-1883)
1874-82Alfred James Sutton (1827-1906)
1882-86Hanson de la Haye Blackith (1846-1926)
1886-94William Bellamy (1861-)
1894-98William Mac Duff (1869-1934)
1898-1945Allen Blackall (1877-1963)
1945Eric Robert Taylor (1928-)
1946-50Peter Burton (1916-1957)
1950-58Thomas Tunnard (1918-)
1958-62Douglas Clarke (1893-1962)
1962-73Geoffrey Holroyde
1973-81Andrew Fletcher (1950-)
1981-85Paul Trepte (1954-)
1985-94Simon Lole (1957-)
1989-98Kevin Bowyer (1961-)
1994-98Mark Shepherd
1998-2001Chris Betts
2001-08Katherine Dienes-Williams (1970-)
2008-Thomas Corns

List of Assistant Organists
Arthur Hilyer
Tim Peters
Edward Higginbottom
C. Montague Birch (1884-1947)
1942-45Eric Robert Taylor (1928-)
Arthur Wills (1926-)
1967-69Colin Roy
1971-73Andrew Fletcher (1950-)
1987-89Charles Matthews (1966-)
1999-2002Christopher Monks
2002-06Luke Bond
2006-Ruaraidh Sutherland
2011-Mark Swinton (1981-)

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