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Details of St. Peter’s (Leeds Minster and Parish Church), Kirkgate, Leeds, England


Organ History
Built by Snetzler
1815Built by Thomas Greenwood of Leeds
1841Rebuilt by Greenwood Bros. of Leeds
Dictionary of Organs and Organists” - H. Logan & Co., 1912, Bournemouth
The Musical Times 755
Hopkins & Rimbault - “The Organ: Its History and Construction - A Comprehensive Treatise on the Structure and Capabilities of the Organ” - Robert Cocks & Co., 1877, London


I. Choir (Tracker GG-F)
1.Open Diapason  1815
2.Stopt Diapason  1815
3.Dulciana  1714
4.Flute  1815
5.Principal  1815
6.Fifteenth  1815
7.Mixture  1815
8.Bassoon  1820
II. Great (Tracker GG-F)
9.Front Open Diapason  1841
10.German Diapason  1815
11.Small Open Diapason  1841
12.Stopt Diapason  1815
13.Large Principal  1815
14.Small Principal  1841
15.Twelfth  1841
16.Fifteenth  1841
17.Sesquialtera  1841
18.Larigot  1841
19.Trumpet  Snetzler
20.Clarion  1841
III. Swell (Tracker Tenor C-G)
21.Open Diapason  Byfield
22.Stopt Diapason  1841
23.Principal  Byfield
24.Cornet  Byfield
25.Trumpet  Byfield
26.Hautboy  Byfield
Pedal (Tracker GG-F)
27.Double Open Diapason  1841

Organ History
1859Action and soundboards by Holt of Leeds
1859Added pipes by Schultz
1859Rebuild Swell by Hill
1883Rebuilt and enlarged by Abbott & Smith
1899Modenized and added fifth manual by Abbott & Smith
Dictionary of Organs and Organists” - H. Logan & Co., 1912, Bournemouth
The Musical Times 755


I. Choir (Pneumatic CC-c4 61 notes)
1.Bourdon16' Abbott & Smith
2.Geigen Principal8' Schultz
3.Dulciana8' Abbott & Smith
4.Lieblich Gedact8' Schultz
5.Vox Angelica8' Abbott & Smith
6.Gemshorn4' Hill & Son
7.Gedact Flute4' Schultz
8.Quintaton4' Abbott & Smith
9.Orchestra Oboe8' Abbott & Smith
II. Great (Pneumatic CC-c4 61 notes)
10.Sub-Bourdon32' Abbott & Smith
11.Double Open Diapason16' Greenwood Bros.
12.Bourdon16' Schultz
13.Open Diapason I8' Schultz
14.Open Diapason II8' Schultz
15.Salicional8' Abbott & Smith
16.Pierced Gamba8' Abbott & Smith
17.Hohl Flute8' Abbott & Smith
18.Gedact8' Schultz
19.Octave4' Abbott & Smith
20.Principal4' Schultz
21.Harmonic Flute4' Schultz
22.Nazard2 2/3' Schultz
23.Super Octave2' Schultz
24.Mixture3 Schultz
25.Full Mixture5 Schultz
26.Double Trumpet16' Greenwood Bros.
27.Trumpet8' Cavaillé-Coll
28.Tromba8' Abbott & Smith
29.Clarion4' Abbott & Smith
30.Posaune8' Abbott & Smith
iSwell to Great  
iiSolo to Great  
iiiChoir to Great  
III. Swell (Pneumatic CC-c4 61 notes)
31.Double Diapason16' Hill & Son
32.Open Diapason8' Hill & Son
33.Stopped Diapason8' Hill & Son
34.Viol d’Orchestra8' Abbott & Smith
35.Voix Celeste8' Abbott & Smith
36.Violin-e-Cello8' Abbott & Smith
37.Wald Flute4' Hill & Son
38.Octave4' Hill & Son
39.Octave Quint2 2/3' Hill & Son
40.Super Octave2' Hill & Son
41.MixtureV Hill & Son
42.Contra Fagotto16' Hill & Son
43.Horn8' Hill & Son
44.Trumpet8' Byfield
45.Oboe8' Hill & Son
46.Vox Humana8' Abbott & Smith
47.Clarion4' Hill & Son
ivEcho to Swell  
vSwell Sub-Octave  
viSwell Super-Octave  
IV. Solo (Pneumatic CC-c4 61 notes)
49.String Gamba8' Abbott & Smith
50.Dopple Flote8' Abbott & Smith
51.Concert Flute4' Abbott & Smith
52.Double Bassoon16' Cavaillé-Coll
53.Cor Anglais8' Cavaillé-Coll
54.Clarinet8' Abbott & Smith
55.Tuba8' Abbott & Smith
V. Echo (Pneumatic CC-c4 61 notes)
57.Lieblich Bourdon16' Schultz
58.Open Principal8' Schultz
59.Viol di Gamba8' Schultz
60.Dolce8' Schultz
61.Flauto Traverso8' Schultz
62.Echo Gamba  Abbott & Smith
63.Lieblich Gedact8' Schultz
64.Lieblich Flute8' Schultz
65.Octave4' Schultz
66.Flauto Dolce4' Schultz
67.Flautino4' Abbott & Smith
68.Harmonic ÆthericaII Abbott & Smith
Pedal (Pneumatic CCC-F 30 notes)
69.Sub-Bass32' Greenwood Bros.
70.Open Diapason I16' Holt
71.Open Diapason II16' Abbott & Smith
72.Violone16' Schultz
73.Bourdon16' Schultz
74.Flute Bass8' Abbott & Smith
75.Violoncello8' Abbott & Smith
76.Full MixtureIV Abbott & Smith
77.Contra Trombone32' Holt
78.Trombone16' Abbott & Smith
79.Clarion8' Abbott & Smith
viiSolo to Pedal  
viiiSwell to Pedal  
ixGreat to Pedal  
xChoir to Pedal  

Organ History
1914Built by Harrison
Herbert Westerby - “The Complete Organ Recitalist” - Musical Opinion, 1927, London
Dictionary of Organs and Organists” - George Mate & Son, 1921


List of Organists
1842-49S. S. Wesley (1810-1876)
1849-80Robert S. Burton (1820-1892)
1881-91William Creser (1844-1933)
1891-1905Alfred Benton (1855-1941)
1906-13Edward Bairstow (1874-1946)
1913-20Willoughby Williams (1873-)
1920-37Albert Tysoe (1884-1962)
1937-56Melville Cook (1912-1993)
1943-46J. W. Warner Yeomans (1882-)
1957-75Donald Hunt (1930-2018)
1975-Simon Lindley (1948-)

List of Assistant Organists
Jonathan Lilley
Michael Harris
John Groves
1842William Spark (1823-1897)
John Naylor (1838-1897)
William Dawson (1840-1885)
James Milnes (1858-1933)
1884-88Hugh Mulleneux Lawrence (1865-1925)
1891Christie Green (1871-1939)
1906-12Ernest Bullock (1890-1979)
1912-14John Wyatt (1887-1929)
Harold A. Bennett (1891-1978)
1927John B. Dalby (1910-1987)
1927-36Arthur Hanley Lawrence (1901-)
1928Reginald Moore (1910-1968)
Philip Marshall (1921-2005)
-1957Ronald Perrin (1931-1997)
1962-68Donald Frederick Webster (1926-)
Edward G. N. Marsh (1966-)
1991-96Carleton Etherington (1966-)

List of Organ Scholars
Edward Taylor